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User TestimonialsWhy believe just us? Discover the stories and experiences shared by those who've truly benefited.

    I'm preparing a new class using Alayna and it is helping me formulate the syllabus and lesson plans. What stands out about Alayna is that it is built specifically for teachers, so the suggestions and resources are high quality and I am able to complete tasks sooner. To say that my life is easier because of it is an understatement.

    Gary Meegan
    Theology Teacher
    Gary Meegan profile picture

    The instant resource generator is incredible! Creating differentiated materials for my students has never been easier. It's amazing how it caters to various learning levels and languages.

    Emily Chang
    10th Grade ELA Teacher
    Emily Chang profile picture

    Alayna has transformed the way I approach teaching. It's like having a personal assistant for all my classroom needs. The quick tools feature has saved me hours in planning and preparing for my classes. Truly a game-changer!

    Sarah Jennings
    Middle School Computer Science Teacher
    Sarah Jennings profile picture

    As a new teacher, the advanced curriculum creator in Alayna has been a lifesaver. It helped me align my lessons with standards and create a cohesive curriculum without feeling overwhelmed.

    Michael Torres
    High School Environmental Science Teacher
    Michael Torres profile picture

    I've tried many educational apps, but Alayna stands out for its comprehensiveness and ease of use. The escape room and Jeopardy style review games have made learning fun and competitive, much to my students' delight.

    Richard Gomez
    Middle School Mathematics Teacher
    Richard Gomez profile picture

    Alayna's group work and team builder tools have revolutionized the way I conduct collaborative activities in my classroom. Engaging students has never been this easy.

    Naomi Jackson
    8th Grade Social Studies Teacher
    Naomi Jackson profile picture

    The text summarizer and text leveler tools have been a game changer for my literature classes. Alayna makes it easy to adapt materials to suit all reading levels.

    Brandon Lee
    Philosophy Teacher
    Brandon Lee profile picture

    The AI image generator has allowed me to create custom visuals for my lessons, making abstract concepts more tangible for my students.

    David Norocea
    High School Computer Science Teacher
    David Norocea profile picture

    The convenience of creating and editing presentations directly within Google Slides using Alayna has streamlined my lesson preparation significantly.

    Zoe Foster
    High School Mathematics Teacher
    Zoe Foster profile picture

    Alayna's sentence starters and discussion prompts have enriched classroom conversations and helped students express their ideas more clearly.

    Raj Patel
    French Language Teacher
    Raj Patel profile picture

    Alayna is so intuitive. When lesson planning, you are prompted to consider ALL aspects of the lesson. Then I can use the AI feature for suggestions, which saves me hours of time!

    Alli McCrary
    Leading AI Instructional Coach & Teacher
    Alli McCrary profile picture

    Integrating Alayna's Google Slides Add-On into my lesson planning routine has streamlined my presentation creation process. It's intuitive and incredibly efficient.

    Lisa Marie
    High School Wellness Coach
    Lisa Marie profile picture

    I've always believed in leveraging technology to enrich education, and Alayna has taken this belief to a whole new level. The Advanced Curriculum Creator has been a revelation, simplifying what was once a daunting task into an intuitive and fulfilling process.

    Brandy Lindstrom
    Teacher at Bellarmine Preparatory School, WA
    Brandy Lindstrom profile picture

    I was skeptical about another educational tool, but Alayna proved me wrong. The AI image generator has made my science lessons more engaging and visually appealing. Students love it!

    Derek Smith
    8th Grade Social Studies Teacher
    Derek Smith profile picture

    The variety of quick tools available on Alayna is astounding. From crafting emails to generating discussion prompts, it covers virtually every need I have. It's an indispensable part of my teaching toolkit now.

    Alex Johnson
    High School World History Teacher
    Alex Johnson profile picture

    Creating engaging lesson plans has always been a challenge, but with Alayna's lesson planner, I'm able to design effective and interactive lessons with ease.

    Hannah Brooks
    High School Art Teacher
    Hannah Brooks profile picture

    Alayna's SEL lesson and discussion prompts have greatly improved the way I address social-emotional learning in my classroom. It's wonderful to have such a resource.

    Carlos Ramirez
    Middle School Counselor
    Carlos Ramirez profile picture

    The vocabulary list and vocabulary-based text tools in Alayna have significantly enhanced my language classes. Tailoring lessons to specific topics has never been simpler.

    Olivia Martinez
    Spanish Language Teacher
    Olivia Martinez profile picture

    Alayna's project-based learning and STEM project tools have brought a new level of engagement and creativity to my classroom. It's exciting to see what the students create.

    Jasmine Carter
    5th Grade Science Teacher
    Jasmine Carter profile picture

    The escape room and interactive games generated by Alayna have introduced a fun and competitive learning environment. My students are always excited for what's next.

    Marcus Anderson
    7th Grade ELA Teacher
    Marcus Anderson profile picture

    Alayna is developing to be a game changer in the education industry. It will become a go to for many teachers as a form of an assistant for many tasks. The image generator, the chat and other tools are perfect to fasten our work as teachers.

    Ugo De Montigny
    ELA Teacher
    Ugo De Montigny profile picture

    Alayna's assessment measures and rubric generator have improved the way I evaluate student performance. Creating personalized and comprehensive assessments is now quick and painless.

    Karen Walters
    High School Physical Education Teacher
    Karen Walters profile picture

    Alayna's Google Slides Add-On is a game-changer for educators looking to streamline their lesson planning and presentation creation. What used to take hours now takes minutes, allowing me more time to focus on what truly matters - teaching and interacting with my students.

    Steve Morris
    EdTech Consultant-TechMoEDU, Recently retired K-12 teacher
    Steve Morris profile picture

    The student work feedback tool has changed the way I provide feedback. It's thoughtful, thorough, and saves me a ton of time. My students have noticed the difference, too!

    Omar Ali
    Middle School Math Teacher
    Omar Ali profile picture

    Using Alayna has significantly reduced the time I spend on administrative tasks, allowing me to focus more on teaching and interacting with my students. The lesson plan and unit plan tools are phenomenal.

    Jessica Lin
    Middle School Music Teacher
    Jessica Lin profile picture

    I've been able to create more inclusive and accessible learning materials thanks to Alayna's differentiation and enhancements feature. It's truly made a difference for my students.

    Kevin Thompson
    Middle School PE Teacher
    Kevin Thompson profile picture

    Alayna's report card comments tool has saved me countless hours during grading periods. The personalized feedback suggestions are insightful and time-efficient.

    Grace Kim
    High School Ethics Teacher
    Grace Kim profile picture

    The standards unpacker and lesson plan tools have streamlined my curriculum development process, making it easier to meet educational standards without the hassle.

    Ethan Wright
    Elementary Health Teacher
    Ethan Wright profile picture

    Using Alayna to generate quick quizzes and assessments has made my testing more efficient and less stressful for both me and my students.

    Kiera Brown
    Elementary Health Teacher
    Kiera Brown profile picture

    With Alayna's help, I've been able to offer more personalized learning experiences, especially through the use of the Instant Resources generator.

    Amara Davis
    High School Computer Science Teacher
    Amara Davis profile picture