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From lesson planning to creating slideshows, Alayna's AI tools save countless hours for educators and schools.
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Introducing Free AI-powered Google Slides GeneratorCreate beautiful, engaging and impactful presentations — complete with images, speaker notes, diagrams and more, in just a few minutes.
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  • Start with any topic, file upload, web article, or YouTube video.
  • Work directly within your Google Slides workspace.
  • Browse 10+ educator-specific templates.
  • Get speaker notes and citations for your slides.
  • Research the web to include relevant online sources.
Meet our game-changing Educator CopilotAlayna's research-backed teaching tools fight teacher burnout, while boosting student engagement and learning outcomes.
  • Create standards-aligned lesson plans, quizzes, worksheets, rubrics, and more.
  • Get differentiated resources for any topic, file upload, YouTube video, and more.
  • Brainstorm ideas, get explanations, and get help in answering any question.
  • Research the web to find resources most relevant to you.
  • Craft feedback and report card comments for students.
  • Create AI images for your presentations, posters, newsletters, and more.
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What makes us specialWe're setting a new standard for artificial intelligence in education. Alayna's AI for educators is specially designed to fight teacher burnout, unlike ChatGPT and other teaching tools.
Designed with teachers, for teachers.
Fast, safe, intuitive and secure.
Alayna does not use your data to train our models.
Alayna's AI tools incorporate research-backed practices in our workflow.
Only AI tool for teachers to create elaborate Google Slides, using your textbook as reference.
Only AI tool for teachers to research the web and include citations.
Only AI tool for teachers to support creation of advanced curriculum.
Only AI tool for teachers that creates artistic AI images.
Professional Development and on-demand support for schools.
Hear It Directly From Our Community.Why believe just us? Discover the stories and experiences shared by those who've truly benefited.

    I'm preparing a new class using Alayna and it is helping me formulate the syllabus and lesson plans. What stands out about Alayna is that it is built specifically for teachers, so the suggestions and resources are high quality and I am able to complete tasks sooner. To say that my life is easier because of it is an understatement.

    Gary Meegan
    Theology Teacher
    Gary Meegan profile picture

    The instant resource generator is incredible! Creating differentiated materials for my students has never been easier. It's amazing how it caters to various learning levels and languages.

    Emily Chang
    10th Grade ELA Teacher
    Emily Chang profile picture

    Alayna is so intuitive. When lesson planning, you are prompted to consider ALL aspects of the lesson. Then I can use the AI feature for suggestions, which saves me hours of time!

    Alli McCrary
    Leading AI Instructional Coach & Teacher
    Alli McCrary profile picture

    Integrating Alayna's Google Slides Add-On into my lesson planning routine has streamlined my presentation creation process. It's intuitive and incredibly efficient.

    Lisa Marie
    High School Wellness Coach
    Lisa Marie profile picture

    Alayna is developing to be a game changer in the education industry. It will become a go to for many teachers as a form of an assistant for many tasks. The image generator, the chat and other tools are perfect to fasten our work as teachers.

    Ugo De Montigny
    ELA Teacher
    Ugo De Montigny profile picture

    Alayna's assessment measures and rubric generator have improved the way I evaluate student performance. Creating personalized and comprehensive assessments is now quick and painless.

    Karen Walters
    High School Physical Education Teacher
    Karen Walters profile picture
AI Training for schoolsUpskill your teachers with expert-led training
We've helped several schools safely adopt and integrate Alayna into their teacher toolkit. Let's work together to help yours.
Hands On Professional DevelopmentWhether online or in-person, we work with school leaders, tech and instructional coaches, and teachers to ramp up safe Al practices that complement the work you're doing.
Hands On Professional Development
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