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Meet our game-changing Copilot for Educators

Alayna's AI copilot save countless hours for educators and schools. We're here to ensure you focus on what matters most - your students.
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Positively Impacting educators worldwide.

100,000+ Resources Developed

Our AI-driven tools help educators by streamlining tasks like Curriculum Preparation, Lesson Planning, and more.

10+ Hours Saved Weekly

On average, Alayna's Copilot saves educators over 10 hours each week, allowing them to spend more time with students.

75+ Countries & 30+ Languages

Alayna's Copilot supports over 30 languages spoken worldwide.

1 Million+ Standards in Our Library

Alayna's extensive library of standards helps educators craft more engaging & relevant content for 21st Century.

Ask Alayna, Anything.Think of Alayna as your personal assistant. She's here to help you on a wide variety of common tasks - be it creating simple MCQs, IEP goals or even classroom games.
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  • Prompting AI can be challenging. That's why we've created nearly 100 quick tools across 9 categories to cover all your common use cases.
  • Upload files or provide Web/YouTube links as references for tasks like essay grading and student feedback. We offer seamless integrations with Google Drive and Microsoft OneDrive.
  • With Web Research mode, Alayna can browse the web to deliver high-quality answers backed by sources and in-line citations, making her the most reliable assistant for educators.
Collaborative, AI-powered Lesson Planning.Packed with tons of easy-to-use features, our lesson planner helps you create the perfect lesson plan seamlessly. Unlike other tools, our approach is to let you collaborate with AI rather than making it do all the work.
  • Align your lesson plan to standards such as CCSS, NGSS, IB, State Standards, and more. We also help you add your organization's standards.
  • Pick from a variety of instructional models such as 5E, Inquiry model, Project Based Learning (PBL), and more.
  • Craft the perfect learning outcomes, instructional activities and assessments.
  • Get tips on Differentiation & Enrichment strategies to boost student outcomes.
  • Alayna even suggests edits to make your lesson plans more engaging.
  • Easily share and collaborate on your lesson plans with your colleagues.
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Differentiated Instruction made easy with our Instant Resources Generator.
Every student has unique needs. Yet, traditional curriculum targets all students the same. We're here to help you personalize lessons to meet your students' exactly where they are.
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  • Generate 20+ teaching resources, from reading passage to flashcards to discussion prompts to games.
  • Create the same resources for multiple tracks, targeting different reading levels or langauges. Perfect for targeting learner gaps.
  • Created from a simple topic, text passage, Web article, Youtube video, or File.
  • Export your resources for classroom use. (LMS & Google Slides exports coming soon)
Create Quizzes & Rubrics Effortlessly.Save time and boost student evaluations with Alayna's Quiz & Rubric Generator. Easily create diverse, standards-aligned quizzes & rubrics that challenge and inspire your students, all while streamlining your assessment process.
  • Align your assessments & rubrics to standards such as CCSS, NGSS, State Standards, IB, and more. We also help you add your organization's standards.
  • Pick from a variety of question types such as multiple choice, fill in the blank, matching, and more.
  • Pick from a variety of rubric types (Analytic, Behavioral, Student-Friendly, etc.) and mastery scales (4-Point Mastery, Letter Grade, etc.).
  • Get tips on Differentiation & Enrichment strategies to boost student outcomes
  • Alayna even suggests edits to make your quizzes more engaging.
  • Export your quizzes for classroom use. (LMS & Google Forms exports coming soon)
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Prepare engaging Activities & Worksheets within minutes.
Alayna's Learning Activity Generator is the easiest way to create engaging activities & worksheets for your classroom.
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  • Tailor the activities to focus on specific skills. For e.g. withing Language Arts you could focus on Vocabulary, Grammar, or Creative Writing. For Math, you could focus on Problem Solving or Logical Reasoning.
  • Select from a range of activity types such as games, worksheets, labs, etc.
  • Target different lesson stages such as Guided Practice, Independent Practice, Homework, etc.
  • Customize the duration of each activity. Pick between individual, pair and group activities.
  • Built in support for Math formulas, Science equations and Code blocks.
Get Copilot for your schoolWith Alayna's Copilot, you can counter teacher burnout and boost student outcomes.
We've helped several schools safely adopt and integrate Alayna into their teacher toolkit. Let's work together to help yours.
Wish to learn more?We have compiled various use cases to showcase the wide applicability of Alayna's Copilot.
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